The site of the Léger Bros Mills is designated as a local heritage site for its value with regards to the village's first industrial centre, and as the place of birth of Rev. Mother Jeanne de Valois. Because of the various types of mills that stood on this particular site (sawmill, grain mill, shingle mill, wool mill), the Léger Bros Mills site recalls the site of the village's first industrial centre. As seen by the topography of the nearby towns (Renaud's Mill, McKee's Mill), the mill industry contributed strongly to the region's industrial and economical development. The Léger Bros Mills, in Saint-Antoine were the continuation of a real family tradition. A mill in Renaud's Mill, owned by the brothers Michel and Magloire Léger and Auguste Renaud, the first francophone deputy for New Brunswick to sit in the House of Commons, following the 1867 federal elections, burnt down in 1870 for reasons that were said to be political. It was rebuilt, and then, later on, abandoned. Then, the brothers Laurent and Jean-Baptiste, sons of Michel the miller, built a mill in 1892, which was also the prey of flames in 1896. The brothers then settled in Saint-Antoine, during the same year, to restart their business. But once again, fires in 1906, 1930 and 1960 completely destroyed the mills, while other fires, in 1927, 1942 and 1944 destroyed them partially. The first boards that were cut at the mill were used to build the home of Laurent Léger and his family (which they still inhabit), among whom lived Bella Léger, known as Mother Jeanne de Valois, instigator of the Notre-Dame d'Acadie College, graduate from the Sorbonne and Superior General. As told by her, she was born in the closet of the first grain mill in the area, on May 15th, 1899, before the Léger family finally moved in the newly-built house, on the other side of the street, in 1900.

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