At its extraordinary meeting on Tuesday December 12, 2017, the Village of Saint-Antoine’s municipal council unanimously adopted its 2018 general operating budget of $ 1,885,344. The property tax rate will increase by two cents. The new rate is 1.2641 per $ 100 of assessed value, which means that the property tax for a home valued at $ 100,000 will increase by $ 20 per year.

An amount of $ 494,993 will be dedicated to the operation of the water and sewer system. Due to a slight increase in the water service rate of $ 15 per unit for 2018, the annual bill of a typical household in Saint-Antoine will be $ 500 compared to $ 485 in 2017. 

"Some major projects are planned for 2018: significant work to the sewer system, which includes a new layer of asphalt and the addition of curbs, on Gérard and Camille Streets for a total of $ 2.1 million between the three levels of government, the replacement of part of a sidewalk on Avenue de l'Église for $ 15,000, work on the storm sewers between Acadie Street and Gilbert Street for a total of $ 30,000 and the repair of culverts on Yvon Street at a cost of   $ 17,000, "explains Mayor Ricky Gautreau.  

The budget is divided as follows: administration $ 331,948, protection $ 497,964, transportation $ 478,113, hygiene $ 95,890, urban planning $ 51,215, recreational and cultural $ 200,288 and financial services $ 229,926. An amount of $ 10,000 was granted to recreation for the organization of activities.

An amount of $ 10,000 will also be deposited in the general capital reserve fund while an amount of $ 5,000 will be deposited in the water and sewage capital reserve fund for future projects.


There will be a municipal council public meeting on Tuesday, May 28th at 7:30PM in the council’s chamber. All are welcome!