The first Acadian premier of New Brunswick, Louis J. Robichaud, is a son of Saint-Antoine. In fact, he was affectionately known as "Little Louis from Saint-Antoine" for a significant portion of his political career.

Louis J. Robichaud would have a significant impact on the political scene through his spirit and energy, leading him to reshape the socio-economic landscape of the province through a range of innovative reforms, including his most well-known, the celebrated Equal Opportunity for All program. It was also under his leadership that the first Official Languages Act was adopted, making New Brunswick an officially bilingual province.

A monument to his memory and his work was placed at the centre of the Village, in the Gilbert-Léger Park (4553 Principale St.). This impressive structure is the work of visual artist Luc A. Charrette

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Interpretation of elements utilized
  • The structure is made up of two main masses, erected side by side and supporting each other: it illustrates duality and equality, and is a reminder of Louis Robichaud's fight against inequality and intolerance (English/French, rich/poor, North/South of the province).
  • A scale used to symbolize the fact that Louis Robichaud was a member of the Bar Association and also to illustrate his equality and social justice program.
  • The graphic representation of the words Chances égales /Equal Opportunity: a reference to his vast program of social reforms and to the Official Languages Act which provided official recognition to the French Language.
  • Louis J. Robichaud is represented to the left of the monument, a subtle reminder of his leftist political philosophy.
  • A book, symbolizing education, because his government was responsible for creating the Université de Moncton, for integrating the teacher training school in universities and for establishing secondary schools, thus providing high-quality education for Acadians and ensuring the development of their culture.
  • A fountain, to represent the sacred principle of water that is universal. In many cosmogonies, water is the element used to create or recreate the world. The fountain is also conducive to meditation and contemplation.

Biography of Louis J. Robichaud


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